Saturday, May 28, 2011

The First Two Tweets

First Tweet
"When work gets tough and I just feel like quitting, my thoughts of you makes me feel its all worth it and keeps me going"

I really feel like quitting some days, and without motivation and purpose the work weighs down even further on my shoulders. When I think of my girl, it really brings meaning back in to my head. I am working to support myself, you, and our future, and I never want to lose sight of that.

Second Tweet!
"You are the girl of my dreams and being with you is my dream come true"

You do so much for me and are there for me in my darkest hours. What more can any guy ask for? You are my dream girl, and I know that you are the one for me.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Simple Idea

Love is an emotion that is so difficult to express in words. People have written their love in hundreds of pages to multiple lines in a poem. I thought how amazing would it be to have a Twitter account devoted to having lines of love put down in 140 characters or less.

This is just a small project, but I dedicate it to my love.
I love you baby.

- James

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